We are a dental support organization that invests in, and partners with leading dentists throughout the West.

A message to dentists and our potential future partners

“Maintaining your legacy.” It sounds simple. But this simple value is at the center of who we are, and what we do at Signature Dental Partners. Group dental practices led by individuals with no clinical background seem to pop up everywhere and with alarming frequency, with big marketing budgets to lure away the employees you’ve invested in and corporate agendas to change the way you care for your patients. It’s a concern, and we feel there is a better approach to supporting you and your team to protect the legacy that you have built.

Signature Dental Partners is a dental support organization led by dentists with a simple mission of improving the lives of our partner dentists. You likely face challenges in running your practice, from recruiting and hiring to struggling to achieve the best value in supplies, equipment, and lab costs. There are countless frustrations involved in private practice including management of overhead, marketing, accounts payable, payroll, OSHA, infection control, HIPAA regulations, and other myriad stresses you likely didn’t fully appreciate when you first decided to attend dental school many years ago. As a dentist-led company, we have dealt with these pressures on countless occasions and have solutions to help you.

In joining Signature Dental Partners as an affiliated partner, you retain your clinical autonomy and continue to see patients exactly as you please. Your practice retains your name, your staff, and the identity you’ve created, but you’ll have the backing of trusted and experienced partners in the dental world, supporting and assisting you with only those things you want help with. The level of our services and our partnership with you is customized entirely on your choices and needs. We employ a collaborative approach to help answer the frustrations faced in running a dental business.

You’ve invested your time, reputation, and finances in building your practice to date. If you’re ready for a transition that allows you to unlock the value you have created while achieving an improved quality of life with more work/life balance and freedom to pursue the things you love then I would encourage you to give us a call. I can promise that we will work tirelessly to establish a partnership to meet your needs and provide the support to improve your life.

Chet L. Jenkins, DDS
Founder and CEO, Signature Dental Partners